How to do hair Cold wave

How to do hair Cold wave

The womanly hairstyle laid by waves in form S transfers immediately to the 20-30th years of last century. The imagination draws thin girls in silk dresses, with the set of jewelry, brightly painted lips and ideally styled hair hidden under grid. Such woman cannot be forgotten.

It is required to you

  • - gel for laying;
  • - hairspray;
  • - hairbrush;
  • - clips for hair;
  • - hair-net.


  1. Best of all Cold wave to do hair on short hairstyle or on caret. If basic hairstyle step, then waves can not turn out: tips will be beaten out. Certainly, independently it is hard to do such hair. It is better to address the master who should spend on average 60-90 minutes.
  2. Basic elements of hairstyle are the hair parting, wave, kroner and curl. The hair parting can be direct, slanting or semi-hair parting. Cold laying is usually carried out on parting at the side. Waves are divided into direct, slanting and cross.
  3. The wave is the lock of hair laid by smooth bend and limited from two parties to kroner (highest line of wave). Direct waves are located parallel to hair parting, slanting – at an angle 45 degrees, cross – perpendicularly. They can be made narrow and wide, large, deep and flat. Distinguish also acting and return wave. Depending on arrangement on the head of wave are frontal, temporal and front. Curls subdivide into direct, slanting, horizontal, vertical, draw-off.
  4. For creation of hairstyle apply gel for laying on clean moist hair. Then hairbrush with frequent teeths separate lock of hair and define the direction of wave, having receded 1-1.5 cm from hair parting. Quantity of waves do miscellaneous, but usually not less than 5 from the greater side of hair parting and not less than three - from smaller.
  5. The middle finger of the left hand is imposed on the expected place of bend of wave. Having receded from finger of 1 cm, enter hairbrush into hair and sharply shift aside. Put hairbrush flatwise and shift hair from it, pressing lock densely to middle finger – it has to turn out kroner. The higher it the edge, the will longer hold on laying.
  6. Do not take out hairbrush from hair, and comb them. After that at distance of 2 cm from executed krone again press middle finger of hand, but make shift hairbrush in the opposite direction. As a result the second will turn out kroner, and the new wave will begin. Execute all waves, having connected them on nape.
  7. For the best hair fixation that they were not displaced, use clips, but you watch that they did not leave zalom on hair. As The cold wave is carried out only on moist hair, can use hair-net while they dry.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team