How to do hair for every day

How to do hair for every day

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Integral part of image of any girl is the hairstyle. Below several options of fast and easy hairstyles for every day which you will be able to make without the assistance of the hairdresser are offered, having spent minimum of time and money.


  1. Having combed hair, we will separate small lock of hair on the top. Let's divide it into three equal locks and we spin as the ordinary spit, every time taking side locks, we spin to the bottom, taking hair that the cone was not dismissed. At the end we take away hair elastic band and we splash hairstyle varnish.
  2. To begin to twist hair on hair curlers follows at first on the top, then from top to down on both sides of the head. Then dry up hair by means of the hair dryer. Before removing hair curlers, be convinced that hair have well dried out — for this purpose untwist one lock on nape where hair the most dense, and feel, whether not damp they. If to untwist hair too early, then they will be very difficult to be laid.
  3. Wash up the head, dry up a little that hair remained damp, apply styling foam, it promotes wave. Braid two simple braids on the head, fix them by elastic bands and you go to bed. In the morning the dried hair can be untwined. On the head to turn out beautiful waves, the size of waves will depend on the size of braids which you have braided. If braids small and waves are small if braids big, and waves are big. Hair need to be combed and fixed by varnish that they were not magnetized and kept form the whole day.
  4. Having combed hair, take away them in tail on the top, further twist hair in plait and wind them around elastic band. To fix hairstyle, put on one more elastic band bunch. Fix hairstyle by varnish.
  5. Wash up the head, then dry up and comb hair. Braid hair in tail and fix them by elastic band, at the basis divide hair into two locks. In the middle the place where it is necessary to pass hair has to be formed, doing curl. Hide elastic band in the lower part of curl, having pressed it hair. The hairstyle is ready!

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