How to do hair for long hair of the house

How to do hair for long hair of the house

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Long hair - it is romantic and very beautiful. For a long time the magnificent mane of voluminous long hair was considered as true attribute of femininity. But today many women choose short modern hairstyles - it is and it is convenient for laying of the house and it is fashionable. And owners of long hair on weekdays absolutely also do not need to spend time for laying as long hair - in itself beautiful hairstyle. However all on holiday want to look more attractive and more various.

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  1. The hairstyle Bow is very stylish and fashionable. Plus of this hairstyle also is that accessories are not required in general. It will also look so ornament. The bow can be built from hair in different areas of the head: on nape, the top or on the center it is a little with shift to the left or the right. This hair can be done not only on celebration, but also to use in official style. Just make bow on nape, and smoothly comb bang on one side. The festive hairstyle will require a little more efforts.
  2. In zone of darkness allocate triangle – it will be bang. On temples leave locks of hair. For bigger volume it is possible to twist these locks.
  3. Other hair need to be collected in hard horse tail on nape. Before forming of the bow it is better to apply wax or gel on palms: hair will not be scattered and hairstyle will look more accurately. At the top of tail allocate lock and pin up that did not disturb. So far it is not necessary.
  4. Fix still by elastic band tail from below. From upper elastic band halve tail. Create bow and fix by hairpins. The ends of the remained hair can be hidden under bow halves – so the hairstyle will look accurater.
  5. In the middle of bow, as well as it is necessary, there has to be small knot. Here for this purpose we also need lock which was left in the beginning. Take it, create and record in the middle of bow several invisible beings. It is necessary to fix at the basis and in the bottom of bow.
  6. Comb the left locks at temples and twirl plait in several rounds. Fix basis of locks by hairpins, and hide the remained ends again under bow.
  7. Create triangular lock under bang, stacking in the form of easy wave. Record everything invisible beings and it is delicious. In 5 minutes of the invisible being it is possible to remove – the bang will steadily keep wave. It is possible to spray a little spray for giving of gloss and the hairstyle is ready.

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