How to do hair for the evening

How to do hair for the evening

You were unexpectedly invited in restaurant or to birthday? Do you worry what you will not manage to visit hairdresser's salon? Do not despair, exit is! Effective evening hairstyle the hands – it is simple! This hairstyle is universal as it suits all women, regardless of length of hair. Besides, it is very simple performed by, does not demand any special skills and big expenses of time. It carries the name "Effect of Wet Hair" and remarkably looks in combination with evening dress.

It is required to you

  • Shampoo, the hair dryer with nozzle diffuser, the fixing gel or styling foam, hairbrush with rare teeths, hairspray with spangles, jewelry for hair.


  1. So, the first that needs to be made, it properly to wash up the head and to dry hair phenom to condition of slightly moistened. Then to prepare nozzle diffuser for the hair dryer. Still you need some cosmetic for hair dressing: gel or skin. Gel as it fixes hair more reliably is preferable nevertheless and allows hairstyle to keep the original state for a long time. So, we distribute means for laying on moist hair, at first hands, and then hairbrush with rare teeths
  2. Next stage: we separate lock of hair, we rumple and we twist it in accurate small lump then we fix the diffuser and slightly we dry. Then accurately we take the following lock of hair and we make the same manipulations, as with the first: we rumple, we twist, we fix, we dry. So - lock behind lock.
  3. When all locks are curled and dried, from above on hairstyle we sprinkle varnish with gold or silver spangles. For bigger effect of hairstyle the hair can be decorated with flowers or hairpins beads. Do not go too far in dressing elements: flower if it large is enough of one, hairpins usually use no more than 5-6, depending on their size and volume of your hairstyle. Good mood and delightful evening!

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team