How to do hair from fine hair

How to do hair from fine hair

Fine hair with which the nature has presented quite large number of women at the correct leaving, food and the choice of hairstyle is not quite big problem. First of all, it is necessary to remember that fine hair is soft and disobedient therefore all efforts have to be directed to strengthening forces of such hair and also their volume.


  1. First of all, it is necessary to choose the special fine hair care products giving volume. However surely after any cosmetic it is necessary to comb hair. Besides it is undesirable to apply shampoos with the conditioner or conditioners. It is better to rinse fine hair mineral sparkling water.
  2. Using the hair dryer for drying of hair, it is necessary to refuse drying function by hot air. It is necessary to incline the head and to dry hair from roots, gradually passing to tips. In general, laying at fine hair has to be competent. In the beginning it is necessary to dry a few moist hair phenom. For this purpose it is necessary to lift vertically round brush lock behind lock. Try to dry at the same time hair against growth.
  3. After hair are a little dried, use small amount of fixer. To give to hair the necessary form, use varnish, it is desirable for weak fixing.
  4. There are several ways by means of which it is possible to increase the volume of fine hair visually. It is possible to make hair more dense by means of coloring. For this purpose highlighting will approach. Besides use of natural paints will make hair stronger.
  5. It is possible to make hairstyle of average or short length, to choose such hairstyle that hair did not go down below shoulders. Perfectly tapering which will make visual impression of that the voluminous hair at roots which is gradually losing splendor to tips will approach.
  6. For creation of hairstyle it is reasonable to use hair glitter which will also visually give to hairstyle volume. Can give to also fine hair volume by means of hairstyle hot scissors which is better for doing at the professional hairdresser as fine hair requires special attention.
  7. Lovers of magnificent hairstyles can advise professional chemical wave. However it is always necessary to remember that it becomes with ammonia use therefore it is better to choose the professional stylist with experience.
  8. Though it is possible (if there is fear of chemical wave) to make carving – the long-term laying which is quite extended now without use of various chemicals. And the effect of laying will please you within 2 months.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team