How to do hair from long hair

How to do hair from long hair

Long hair, without doubts, can be fine ornament for any girl. Of course, the hairstyle executed on long hair plays not the last role, but how often owners of long hair complain of monotony and impossibility to change images and also envy girls with hair well. However from long hair it is possible to do enough hair. So meet some of them and give up thought that the only variety which shines you is boring ""horse tail"" on the top.


  1. Beautifully and elegantly the shiny straight hair streaming on shoulders - great and simple option both for evening action, and for every day looks. To make hair fantastically straight, not to do you without good round brush and the hair dryer. Wind hair on hairbrush, beginning from roots (they should be raised as volume will only decorate your hairstyle) and slowly extend under warm stream of the hair dryer, lock behind lock. When you deal shortly with all - comb hair, sprinkle them spray with effect of gloss and at will record varnish.
  2. You can create ""beach"" effect on hair and will seem to people around that you have only just returned from the beach. It is surprisingly natural and romantic laying! Begin with washing of hair and drawing the moistening conditioner. Carefully comb and untangle small small knots, so far the conditioner still on hair, and then carefully propoloskayta hair cool water. Absorb excess moisture soft towel, let's hair dry up very little to damp state, and then take elastic band (only not really hard) and tie them on the top in bunch so that peculiar palmochka has turned out. It is possible to use several elastic bands if your hair very dense. To avoid zalom and to achieve beautiful waves, it is the best of all to wind the sticking-out locks kind of around the tail basis. Leave hair before almost full drying, and then dismiss and give to separate locks of fakturnost by means of wax or mousse, however, in absolutely small amounts. Such hairstyle can be decorated with beautiful flower hairpins, then the real tropical chic will turn out!
  3. Naturally, romantically and at the same time solemnly the curls created on long hair look. You can quite use special spiral nozzle or curling tongs of hair, however, to cause to structure of hair as little as possible harm, you should pay the attention to hair curlers. Wash up hair with soft shampoo or the conditioner, then let's them dry up, comb on lock, surely raise at roots (it is important because long hair have droop property under the influence of own weight) and twist on hair curlers. After hair dry, exempt them from hair curlers, accurately divide fingers and slightly record by means of varnish.
  4. You should not underestimate and the horse tail - this hairstyle can look very interestingly. For example, if you dry up hair by means of brush hairbrush, then will make high tail and twist the ends by means of special nozzle on the curling iron or by means of the same round brush, having twisted them inside or outside.

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