How to do hair in style of the 1950th years

How to do hair in style of the 1950th years

The 50th years of the 20th century became perhaps one of the most remarkable in the history of fashion and hairstyles. Art of hairdressers and couturier brought beauty to the cult level. Bright paints, elegant hairstyles and femininity became era symbols. Marilyn Monroe, Brigitte Bardot and Grace Kelly were standards of beauty. Still the style of the 50th attracts fashionistas around the world.


  1. The style of the 50th years means total freedom of self-expression. Hairstyles can be carried out on the basis of pile or horse tail. Thick bangs or magnificent laid on chignon will be not superfluous. Doing hair in style of the 50th years, it is necessary to leave open ears and neck. Your image in style of the 50th years is image of the smart and elegant woman. Hairstyle in style of the 50th – the classics which is not losing relevance and a many flying later.
  2. Comb hair and divide them into locks. Process each lock hairspray and wind on hair curlers. The cold mode of the hair dryer will help to set effect.
  3. Dismiss hair curlers and fluff up locks to create the necessary volume. Collect hair in free bunch, having left open neck and ears. Fix hairstyle by varnish and enjoy the received result!
  4. Hollywood chic and Marilyn Monroe's femininity? The hairstyle from the large curls divided into parting at the side will help to create necessary effect. (Except area at roots) apply styling spray on clean and moist hair. Divide hair into locks and wind on large hair curlers. After hair dry, dismiss hair curlers, comb hair and process them means for giving to gloss hair.
  5. Do you like legendary Brigitte Bardot's style? To do hair babette, collect hair in high horse tail. Leave several upper locks free.
  6. Comb hair and twirl them around the tail basis. From above lay free locks. The elegant high hairstyle is ready!
  7. The hairstyle in style of rockabilly will be to the taste to music lovers and fans of rock'n'roll. Apply the fixing mousse on the clean and dried hair. Separate and fix lock of hair in the form of horseshoe in the highest part of the head. Dry up other hair up to the end by means of round massage brush.
  8. Release the fixed hair. Divide lock into three equal parts and dry up hair, raising locks at roots, trying to obtain the necessary volume. Smoothly comb locks on sides of the head back and fix them in tail closer to the highest part of the head.
  9. Comb bang to create volume. Fix the longest locks of bang over earlier made tail. Set result by hairspray. The hairstyle in style of rockabilly is ready.

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