How to do hair of the 19th century

How to do hair of the 19th century

Empire hairstyles of century before last, unlike more elaborate biedermeier, are not too difficult performed by. The inspiration to hairdressers was given by simple and refined curls of beauties of Ancient Greece. Therefore and in modern house conditions it is possible to do hair of the nineteenth century, it is only necessary to be trained.

It is required to you

  • The minimum length of hair – to shoulders
  • Curling iron
  • Thermohair curlers
  • Hairspray
  • Skin, wax or strong hair mousse
  • Hairbrush in one row
  • Hairpins and invisible hairpins
  • Thin elastic band


  1. Make hairbrush in one row two hair partings: one straight line in the middle of the head to darkness, another – on darkness, on the line passing from ear to ear. Form of the second hair parting - circle.
  2. Collect hair on the second hair parting on darkness in hard tail. The elastic band has to be thin and approach on tone hair. But you watch that on each side there were hair divided by the first parting in the middle.
  3. Divide tail into five locks and each of them wet varnish. Not just sprinkle a little, and properly impregnate.
  4. Without waiting until varnish dries, twirl each lock ringlet and record it invisible hairpins.
  5. If behind on nape there are hair which have not entered tail, wind them on thermohair curlers or the curling iron. It is possible to experiment with diameter of curls. It is better that they were less ringlets on the head, but is larger, than side curls.
  6. Wind the hair which have remained on each side on vertical hair curlers or the curling iron. The first option is more preferable, but then it is necessary to twist side locks several hours prior to hairstyle construction. This process needs to be carried out especially accurately. Before wave on hair curlers impregnate moist hair with wax or mousse.
  7. Remove hair curlers from hair. Do not comb curls, give them the necessary form and all hairstyle process varnish.
  8. Check whether side curls are symmetric, whether disobedient hair is beaten out from hairstyle. Roughnesses can be corrected wax, having smoothed lock. Be not afraid to use large number of the fixing means: it will not weight hairstyle, and, on the contrary, will issue it.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team