How to do hair of the 60th years

How to do hair of the 60th years

In the 60th years of the last century the hairstyle "Babette" became extremely popular. Ladies tried to copy it, looking at the heroine Brigitte Bardot of the same name in the movie "The Babette Takes the Field". Today the exact copy of such laying can look a little old-fashioned. But on its basis it is possible to make stylizations which will remind of the 60th.


  1. Wash up hair. Fat curls in pile will very quickly get out of shape. Dry up their phenom. If you have dense, heavy head of hear, during drying incline the head and direct stream of hot air to roots.
  2. Divide dry hair into several parts. In front and on each side separate on lock 1 cm thick, curtail them into plaits and fix by hairpins.
  3. Also break the remained shock into separate "sections". Each lock will need to be combed separately. Move at the same time from the top to nape. Take the first lock, lift it up. From top to down accurately you carry out by the movement on hair. At first make pile, having receded from roots on centimeter, then rise by centimeter above. Such pieces comb all lock to tips. Set result by varnish of the maximum fixing. Process thus all mass of hair on the top and on nape. Collect all combed locks in one shock, turn in the ends of hair and fix by invisible beings. Hair can be turned in down or on one side. As a result at you the accurate roller has to turn out.
  4. Not combed hair which remained around the roller it is necessary to close pile evenly. For this purpose dismiss the locks curtailed by plaits and comb them hairbrush with frequent teeths. Raise hair at neck up, fix at upper part of the roller by invisible beings or hairpins. Then also record hair on each side, in the last turn lower down and pin upper part of hair under the roller. The basis of hairstyle can be decorated with the wide tape which is combined with color of clothes.
  5. It is not obligatory to collect hair in accurate hairstyle. It is possible to make pile, to distribute on it the front and side not combed locks, and leave hair under the roller dismissed. It is possible to give to hairstyle democratic character, having released several locks at temples or previously having created curls.
  6. If you have insufficiently thick hair, use ready "babette" – slip from artificial hair which fastens hairpins.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team