How to do hair to itself

How to do hair to itself

Not always there is opportunity to visit the hairdresser, and so there is a wish to have beautiful! Fashionable and stylish hairstyles can be done houses, independently. For this purpose only the patience and a little skill are required.


  1. The simplest fashionable hairstyle which it is easy to make most - high tail. Sprinkle clean hair liquid for laying - it will add gloss and will make locks more equal. Comb hair at roots, hang the head down and bring together them in tail. The tail has to be on nape. If you fix hair too close to forehead, they will climb in eyes and to be stirred. Raise the head and in front of the mirror comb tail that curls lay exactly. Fix hairstyle by varnish. Over usual elastic band it is possible to pin beautiful hairpin or to wind silk scarf.
  2. The second simple hairstyle for which it is not obligatory to visit hairdressing salon - Greek. It is suitable for curls of average length. You need dense bandage or thong. Divide hair into parting in the middle and put on from above bandage. Processing each lock means for laying, wrap it for bandage the end inside. Stack occipital locks, looking in mirror. So it will be simpler to you to make the equal beautiful roller. Lay curls on all head. Fix hairstyle by varnish.
  3. It is easy to make romantic waves independently. For this purpose the curling iron and means will be necessary for you for laying. You will best of all get special which protects hair from thermal influence. With its help you will create fine hairstyle, and curls will remain not damaged. The hair is done so: a little damp, processed by laying means locks, on one are wound on the curling iron. The diameter of nippers is more - the curl is larger. If you separate thin locks, curls will turn out more expressed. If to wind wide curls on the curling iron - you will make easy waves. Wind hair on all head. Then lower it down and stir up. Raise the head and fix hairstyle by varnish. Fashionable and stylish laying is ready.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team