How to do hair with braids

How to do hair with braids

Hairstyles from braids approaches not only to little girls. They with pleasure are carried by quite adult girls. Depending on the general idea of hairstyle of braid can look fondly and touchingly or smartly and it is womanly. They approach dresses in style of hippie and to elegant evening dresses. Having mastered several hairstyles on the basis of braids, you will be able to experiment and invent own options.

It is required to you

  • - hairbrush;
  • - invisible beings;
  • - hairpins;
  • - elastic bands;
  • - spray for laying;
  • - hairspray.


  1. Amusing laying from braids of the different size will be suitable for dresses in sports style. Separate the bulk of hair, having left two not too wide locks at the person. Fix the separated locks by clip. Comb other hair to gloss and accurately collect them in high tail on one side, having fixed it by soft rather narrow elastic band. From the locks which have remained free braid two thin braids. Stretch them in parallel through forehead and connect to tail, having wound its basis with the ends of braids. Pin up them invisible beings, and braid tail to the thick spit.
  2. Ideal option for office – strict bunch from braids. Such hair is done in 10 minutes and looks accurately all day. And if you want to turn it into evening, just decorate node with decorative hairpins with rhinestones or pearls.
  3. Comb hair to gloss, having sprinkled from spray for laying. Collect locks in low tail at neck and fix by thin elastic band. Braid them to the spit, tie its end one more elastic band. Take scythe for the middle and overwind it in one party. Upper part will begin to keep within in the form of loop. Turn it to the left, lay at the basis tied by elastic band, and fix by hairpins. The same way create the right part of bunch. Sprain the end of braid under loop and pin hairpin. Sprinkle hairstyle hair glitter.
  4. For the evening try on the Dutch braid braided around the head. Divide hair into parting at the side, process them the fixing spray. Take small lock from hair parting, divide it into three parts and begin to do thin plait. Through each weaving add to it the locks taken from the bulk of hair. Dutchwoman can lie low and freely or to trudge highly, reminding accurate basket. Having finished braid, sprain tips of hair and fix them by invisible beings. Process hairstyle varnish of moderate fixing.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team