How to do hair with effect of wet hair

How to do hair with effect of wet hair

Today various creative hairstyles are relevant and fashionable. One of their versions are hairstyles with effect of wet hair. Such effect creates visibility of just washed up head and consequently also freshness. How to do hair with effect of wet hair, professionals of the business tell.


  1. It does not mean at all that it is necessary to come in society and to the street with really weti hair. To create such effect, it is necessary to perform the following operations. Carefully wash the head with shampoo. After that use the balm corresponding to your type of hair. It will give to hair of smoothness and silkiness.
  2. Dry up hair in the natural way or by means of the hair dryer for reduction of time of the procedure. It should be noted that drying phenom is much more harmful to structure of hair, than natural.
  3. By means of hairbrush apply special gel which moistens hair and creates effect of wet hair.
  4. Style hair in hairstyle, if necessary use hairpins and hairpins.
  5. Fix the received hairstyle, using hairspray if it is required.
  6. During creation of similar hairstyle it must be kept in mind that there are special liquids or gels which already provide fixing of hairstyle, and is also such which only create effect of moist hair. Hairspray should be used only for means of a second type. The first means does not demand use of varnish as besides effect of wet hair it provides possibility of fixing of hairstyle.
  7. Moreover, it must be kept in mind that it is impossible to use at the same time means for achievement of effect of wet hair and means for creation and fixing of volume. They are directly opposite each other on the action and result. As a result neither that, nor other effect will be gained.
  8. Except possibility of achievement of such effect in house conditions, it is possible to use services of hairdresser's salons. By the way, today these services are very widespread. The fashion, despite everything, dictates the rules. And today there are many persons interested to do hair with effect of wet hair.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team