How to do hair with elastic band

How to do hair with elastic band

Scrunchies of various length and width - fine accessory for creation of simple and beautiful hairstyles. You can style hair in the form of magnificent crown, make high tail or braid. Beautiful elastic bands not only will hold hair, but also will decorate them.

We do effective wreath

By means of long elastic band it is possible to create original hairstyle in the Greek style. It will be suitable for straight or wavy hair of average length. The elastic band will not hold too long and heavy hair. If you have bang, lay it with the bulk of hair - the hairstyle will turn out more expressive.

It is required to you:

- the round elastic band rim covering the head; - mousse for creation of volume; - hairbrush; - invisible beings or small hairpins; - hairspray.

Wash up the head, dry up it and rub in roots mousse for volume. Hairbrush distribute it on all length of hair - locks will become more obedient and elastic. Make hair parting and put on rim elastic band the head. Beginning from hair parting with hands sprain locks under rim, trying that the uniform roller framing the head has turned out. Fix the sticking-out tips of hair by hairpins. The elastic band will reliably hold design and will not allow hairstyle to collapse or slip. Having finished, record wreath varnish. The hairstyle can be decorated decorative hairpins, crests or small with flowers.

The hairstyle wreath perfectly will be suitable for the bride - the veil can be pinned up under the roller from hair.

Hairstyles on the basis of tail

By means of various elastic bands it is possible to tie beautiful tail in couple of minutes. Choose suitable option depending on situation and face type. The tail can be high or low, exactly be located on the center of the head or be displaced aside. On the basis of tail it is possible to do various stylish hair - from braids to bunches.

For fixation of hair it is better to use thin elastic bands in color of locks. Big velvet or fabric models are suitable for ornament more.

Try to make classical low tail - such hairstyle will be suitable for straight long or semi-long hair. It will be required to you: - hairbrush; - nippers for smoothing; - thermospray; - varnish with gloss; - thin elastic band in hair color; - hairpin. Process clean hair thermoprotective spray and straighten the iron. Collect smooth locks on nape, carefully smoothing hairbrush. Separate one thin lock, collect other hair in low tail and fix by elastic band. Ostavsheyusya wrap lock around the basis of tail and pin up hairpin. Sprinkle hairstyle varnish with effect of gloss. Very stylish and funny the hairstyle with elastic bands of different flowers looks. It will be suitable for active holiday or trips to the nature. Comb hair and sprinkle them the fixing spray. Then divide locks into parting in the middle and comb above, having collected on one party. Tie high tail thin elastic band in hair color. Over it put on wide bright terry or velvet elastic band. Following tie on palm below, then put on one more other color. The quantity of elastic bands on tail depends on length of your hair.

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