How to do house moisturizing masks for hair

How to do house moisturizing masks for hair

The lifeless type of your curls demonstrates that moisturizing masks for hair do not enter home care. That whom does not arrange how their head of hear looks, we recommend to address the recipes checked by time.

House moisturizing masks do not contain difficult extracted ingredients, process of their preparation is simple. You want to make your curls brilliant, obedient and smooth – you will be helped by mask. The moistening house procedure for hair has the advantages. You use only natural ingredients thanks to what house moisturizing masks will not comprise lauryl sulfate, fragrances and preservatives.

General information on masks for hair

It is optional to apply such masks to head skin, the main thing, to process hair. It is better to put them before you are going to wash the head, in most cases they contain oils which are possible for washing away only shampoo. More often others it is necessary to use such masks of subjects who has dry hair if the head of hear is inclined to fat content it is not necessary to do constantly moistening procedures for hair. The house mask cannot long be stored therefore prepare mix follows before direct drawing. For the purpose of prevention of dehydration of hair do masks of times in 7-9 days, after holding the active damaging procedures (coloring, permanent wave) it is allowed to do mask of times in 2-3 days.

Recipes of moisturizing masks for hair

Castor oil, 6% vinegar, glycerin (is on sale in drugstore), egg. On 4 parts of castor oil take by one part of other components. Carefully stir, apply on hair. It is better to cover hair with something warm to keep heat of fabric it is possible to blow in its phenom. In this case you will reach the maximum effect of this mask.

Sour-milk mask. You take any fermented milk product: kefir, fermented baked milk, curdled milk, you warm to body temperature, i.e. to you it should not be cold or hot if you touch structure for mask. Smear hair with dairy product, wrap something, in 20 minutes, without washing away, put the second time. Delete such mask with the help of warm water.

Sea-buckthorn mask. 50 grams of oil of sea-buckthorn need to be mixed with 10 grams of olive. Distribute mix of oils on hair, cover them with cellophane package, in 50 minutes wash away by means of shampoo.

 Aloe and onions. If at your place the aloe which age is more than 3 years grows, it is possible to use safely useful properties of this plant for the benefit of the hair. For this purpose break leaves of aloe, turn in napkin and put in the fridge, in couple of days they will be slightly dried and will be ready to use. For preparation of mask it is necessary to mix identical amount of juice of onions and aloe. It is convenient to extract juice of onions rubbing on small grater and the subsequent extraction, juice of aloe is received, cutting off small pieces from leaflets, juice will drip from the place of cut. Grease hair with the received liquid and leave for hour

. Barmy mask with onions. Yeast will be necessary live which are on sale in briquettes. They well transfer freezing therefore you keep unused part in the freezer. We will fill in five grams of yeast with small amount of warm water, in 10 minutes we will add on teaspoon of oil of burdock and castor oil, we will dilute the received mix with juice of two bulbs. We hold mask on the wrapped-up head of 45 minutes. Later, for elimination of smell of onions, rinse hair with warm water with lemon juice. If it does not help make rinsing with apple cider vinegar (1-2 spoons on 5 liters of water) or with essential oil (1-2 drops on 5 liters).

If application of house moisturizing mask for hair has not given the necessary effect, pay attention that insufficient water consumption, constant use on the hair dryer of the mode of the maximum temperature, constant wave or hair straightening can be the reasons of it. Adverse environment (ultraviolet, low temperatures, salty water) can also nullify all your efforts on moistening of hair.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team