How to do make-up

How to do make-up

The make-up became the whole art, however it is necessary to face this art almost every day. It has entered our life as peculiar clothes for skin, and by means of make-up we have had opportunity to change, disclose the identity or to hide shortcomings. Whether there are rules of drawing make-up developed by women?


  1. First, the main basis of successfully done make-up is the clean, healthy and well moisturized skin. In advance prepare skin by means of easy peeling, and then apply the moisturizing cream (it is desirable with spf-factor which protects skin from sunshine which pass even through clouds), it will make texture of skin much more uniform and smooth, the make-up will lay down exactly and will look incredibly naturally. The make-up can make small peelings much more noticeable therefore carefully prepare skin before being taken as basis or foundation.
  2. It is extremely important to pick up correctly color scale of basis and foundation. With their help you are hardly worth adjusting color of the person, to do it more dark or light, to give visibility of suntan - in this case the make-up will look the real mask on your face, he will be as if stranger. You, however, can quite use powders-bronzaty on separate parts of the face (cheekbones, for example), however foundation has to correspond to your natural shade of skin. The same concerns also powder - it is necessary to finish and fix make-up and also to give to the face pleasant dullness, but not to make it much more faintly or, on the contrary, zagorely.
  3. Shadows in make-up can be used and in the afternoon, however their shade should not be too dark as it will look too dramatically - therefore leave black and dark gray colors for evening, and here you can quite use soft brown and rather saturated colors and in the afternoon. You can even do smoky-eyes, refined smoky make-up, the main thing is to shade all lines and borders carefully.
  4. In the afternoon perfectly the colourless moistening gloss looks, it looks naturally and gives to lips of appeal, naturalness. In the evening it is possible to use heavier weapon - saturated lipsticks. But consider that before putting lipstick skin of lips has to be ideally humidified, smooth and gentle.
  5. Blush can be the final stage of make-up, their drawing demands skill and some experience, however at skillful use the result can be impressive - you in a moment will get prettier, will freshen up, will become younger. If you are not sure what shade of blush will suit you best of all, just choose gentle peach is sure bet. A little more berry of tone should be put to brunettes with light skin and skin of subtle olive shade, and soft pastel perfectly will suit gentle blondes.
  6. By means of blush it is possible to correct excessively full or round face, having beautifully allocated cheekbones and having given thereby to the face sculptural relief. Girls with sharper features are allowed to shade blush towards the center of cheeks, having slightly smoothed thereby excessive leanness and having made cheeks chubbier.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team