How to do masks with nettle for hair

How to do masks with nettle for hair

The nettle is free raw materials for masks. It can be dug at the dacha, in kitchen garden, in the park or in the forest on glade. The unique structure of nettle is suitable for strengthening of roots of hair, elimination of itch and dandruff, protection against loss.

It is required to you

  • Fresh nettle, burdock roots, urticaceous juice.


  1. For growth of hair and their strengthening use juice from fresh nettle. It is convenient to prepare it by means of the ordinary juice extractor. At its absence you can squeeze out juice masher, but it is much more labor-intensive process. For all head it is required to you no more than three tablespoons of juice. With effort rub liquid in roots of hair, wind the head with cellophane and hot towel. You hold mask one hour, and then wash the head with water.
  2. The nettle in combination with burdock perfectly is suitable for growth of hair. For this purpose you need to mix broth of that and other plant in equal quantities. For preparation of broth use the fresh or dried nettle leaves. Put leaves in pan, fill in with hot water and put on plate. You boil broth of 10 minutes and remove from fire. By the same principle prepare broth from burdock roots, previously having crushed them. In the beginning wash up hair, and then moisten them with broth, massing skin.
  3. Nettle tincture is suitable for strengthening and growth of hair. Prepare it according to the following recipe: Fill in 3 tablespoons of dry nettle with two glasses of boiled water. It is necessary to draw nettle not less than 7 hours. Then rub the received infusion in skin the head: it will work on the sleeping hair bulbs and will awaken them for vigorous activity. If you want to make the strengthening tincture, fill in nettle with glass of alcohol or vodka and insist week. Such means helps at loss and also envelops hair protective film. However alcohol is not suitable for application on dry hair.
  4. For strengthening of hair, increases in their growth and disposal of dandruff are used not only leaves of nettle, but also root. For preparation of broth take tablespoon of leaves of nettle, tablespoon of the crushed rhizome of nettle and 200 ml of water. You cook nettle within 30 minutes, and later filter and cool. By tradition, rub broth in roots of hair. After that it is not necessary to wash the head.
  5. If you are disturbed by the fat content of hair, the nettle will help will cope with it. In the beginning you pitch nettle leaves in the mixer that it has turned out half glass of fresh raw materials. Add teaspoon of coarse salt to nettle. You can use sea salt. Well mix mix and rub salty gruel in roots of hair. For strengthening of effect put on cap or polyethylene, and in 20 minutes wash up the head shampoo.
  6. For preparation of broth from loss take on one tablespoon of nettle, turns, seeds of flax, coltsfoot, burdock roots. Fill in all ingredients with liter of hot water. Put mix to the warm place for insisting for one hour. After that add onions juice spoon. Rinse hair with herbs decoction two times a week.

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