How to do massage century

How to do massage century

That eyes always were in good condition, it is necessary to perform systematically massage century. Massage for century needs to be carried out, based on type and condition of your skin. Using simple movements by own hands, eyes will get rid of tension and fatigue.

It is required to you

  • - cream, gel for massage or;
  • - almond or castor oil.


  1. Before starting massage century, carefully clean face and especially eye area from cosmetics. Hands have to be clean too. At massage century, it is important to carry out the accurate massing movements, skin in eyes very sensitive.
  2. Well grease face and eye area with massage cream, gel or oil. Very well almond or castor oil will approach. You put massage means with fingertips the pricking movements.
  3. Effleurage - is one of the effective massage actions helping to reduce tension. Carry out effleurage by tips of the third finger and the fourth. Then, by small pillows of all fingers do strokings, beginning from nose bridge and moving to the line of growth of eyebrows. From eyebrows go on lower eyelid to internal corner of eye. Then carry out effleurage again, and afterwards - stroking.
  4. Then, carry out the smooth circular massing movements. Do massage on lines of upper eyelid - from eye, internal to external corner, and on lines of lower eyelid - from external corner of eye to internal.
  5. Touch by forefingers points which are over eyebrows. Delay skin up that there was resistance. Blink with such voltage of 20 times, then weaken and repeat such exercise two more times.
  6. Close eyes, middle finger of the right hand record skin in external corner of the left eye. Middle finger of the second hand mass lower eyelid, going from external corner of eye to external. Further, mass upper eyelid, following from external corner of eye to internal. Execute exercise of 6 times, with small interval of rest. You change hands at each approach.
  7. Take the closed eyes of 10 seconds in tension. Then, without opening eyes, relax. Repeat exercise of 10 times.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team