How to do massage in bath

How to do massage in bath

It is difficult to overestimate the importance of the Russian pair massage for health. Massage by broom helps to tone up blood circulation, to accelerate clarification of organism from slags, thanks to the strengthened sweating. Besides use of various brooms, helps to cope with some chronic diseases. Main methods of massage by broom it: postegivaniye, stroking, pokhlestyvaniye. To receive the maximum advantage from massage, it is better to go to bath with the workmate.

It is required to you

  • - Dry sheets;
  • - two brooms;
  • - mittens;
  • - terry sheet;
  • - felt headdress.


  1. Lay the partner on shelves. Previously lay dry sheet. Put on felt bathing cap the head not to allow overheating.
  2. Dip broom in cold water, then sprinkle body of your partner with cold and hot splashes. All massage movements are carried out from the periphery to the center. Therefore move from tips of legs to area of heart. Work with broom as fan. Do not touch skin, waves of dry hot air will quickly warm muscles and will prepare for further procedures.
  3. Densely press hot broom to ankles and rub off body in the direction from heels to neck. Move broom along backbone. Repeat perfusion of body cold water and repeat rubdown from other leg and along backbone to neck. This procedure well removes stress in back muscles.
  4. Take the second broom. Strike couple. Pat at the same time two brooms the partner on each side. Pats have to be gentle. Highly lift brooms to take hot steam. Move from heels to breast, then from hands through shoulders to breast too. Carry out pats within 1-2 minutes
  5. Strike at most couple. Take one broom hot air and sharply lower it on the partner's back. The second broom press it to body. Detain brooms for 10-20 seconds. Now change brooms and hit into other place. Carry out poultices, moving on all body. If there are diseases of the musculoskeletal device, it is possible to linger on these places. You watch that the partner has not got burns.
  6. Again execute double rubdown and turn the partner on back.
  7. Repeat all procedures on breast and stomach. You watch that temperature was lower, these areas of human body are more sensitive to hot air.
  8. Having finished massage, moisten both brooms in cold water. Press for 15-20 seconds one broom to area of heart, and put the second on the person. It will calm heartbeat.
  9. Have a rest within 5-10 minutes in the waiting room. Have a rest lying, having raised legs. Cover body with dry terry sheet or blanket. When pulse returns to norm, come back to sweating room and repeat all session of massage.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team