How to do nail extension by acrylic

How to do nail extension by acrylic

There are no borders in the modern art of manicure, there is huge number of ways and techniques of nail extension. Artificial material allows to correct visually break and structure of nail plate, at the same time it is unimportant in what state there were your natural nails. Acrylic is one of the most popular materials used for extension of strong and elastic nails.

It is required to you

  • - glass capacity;
  • - pink acrylic;
  • - white acrylic;
  • - primer;
  • - coarse-grained nail file;
  • - nail file with fine grain;
  • - orange stick;
  • - brush;
  • - forms;
  • - likvid;
  • - brush.


1. Before starting extension of acrylic nails, prepare them: wash up carefully hands with soap and disinfect each nail plate special spray (or antiseptic gel). If necessary make dry manicure. Apply the softening structure (on the basis of fruit acids) on cuticle and after a while remove it by means of orange stick.

2. File nails, working with file in one direction. Using file with large grain, remove upper covering of nails accurate and easy movements, try not to damage cuticle. Remove the dust formed after processing with special brush.

3. Apply thin film of primer on nail plates, try not to get at the same time on skin. After liquid has dried up, grease once again all nails with primer. Take form and establish it on finger phalanx so that it has been located under nail corners, without leaving gaps. Accurately connect the ends of form, it has to accept natural and correct bend.

4. Pour in glass capacity likvid, moisten brush and carefully wring out, it has to remain almost dry. Take brush small ball of white acrylic, apply on form and easy pressing distribute on all its surface. Moisten brush in likvida and create the line of smile. Pay attention to that fact that acrylic will slowly be polymerized. Level the end of future nail and sides.

5. Create ball from pink acrylic and apply it with brush on natural nail. White and pink layers have to be crossed slightly. Level the surface of nail easy contacts of brush. Moisten it in likvida and impose the second ball of acrylic on area of cuticle (leave about one millimeter from edge of cuticle), level surface and sides.

6. Again moisten brush in likvida and apply the third ball of powder on stressful area of nail (connection of white and pink layer) for durability, the surface has to remain slightly damp. Wait for full drying of acrylic and take off uniforms. Coarse-grained file start alignment of nail, incline nail file at an angle, try not to touch skin. Polish the surface of acrylic nail fine-grained file.

7. It was necessary to apply finishing layer of transparent varnish on nails, to dry up, oil area of cuticle special and to distribute on nail length.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team