How to do nail extension on forms

How to do nail extension on forms

Own long and beautiful nails it is rather difficult to grow. Sometimes they break, grow slowly. Therefore today the procedure of building is so popular. Techniques there is set: artificial nails do of acrylic, gel, on tipsa and forms. The last technology assumes building on special plates from plastic, paper or metal. They fasten to tips of own nails and give them the necessary length and the form. From above gel which hardens under the influence of ultraviolet is applied. Forms remove afterwards. Let's consider process in more detail.

It is required to you

  • Special forms, gel, the degreasing means, brush, glue for nails, hand bath, means for removal of cuticles, orange stick, scissors, ultra-violet lamp, melkoabrazivny files.


  1. Erase old varnish from nails, accurately cut them, having left couple of millimeters that was to what to fix form. File edges of nail plates so that they matched in form cliches. Use the polishing files.
  2. Remove cuticle. Around nail plates there should not be excess skin: it not esthetically, besides it prevents nail grow. It is the best of all to steam out at first brushes in bath with special means, to remove orange stick, and then to remove cuticle by means of the cream intended for this procedure or oil.
  3. Smooth out nail the melkoabrazivny polishing nail file to get rid of natural gloss. Wipe nail plate with liquid for varnish removal, thus having degreased it. It will give guarantee of prevention of fungal diseases under artificial nail. Carefully disinfect all tools, necessary for building.
  4. As it is possible attach in advance prepared forms to edges of own nails more densely. By means of brush apply layer of gel covering on nail and the cliche which is on it. Now gel needs to be dried up.
  5. Hold up the processed nails under light of ultra-violet lamp. When gel finally dries and will harden, put the following layer. Too dry up it under special lamp. If desired repeat the procedure once again. Remove form. Your artificial nail is almost ready.
  6. Now remains the shape of nails wishing to simulate. Level them special nail files (not iron). Put finishing layer of gel covering and dry up under ultraviolet.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team