How to do natural make-up

How to do natural make-up

The ability to do classical natural make-up is the whole art which if desired can be seized. Smooth skin with natural easy flush, gracefully curved eyebrows, slightly underlined eyelashes and the expressive shining eyes – result which can achieve, having made certain efforts and having spent a little time.


  1. Begin with clarification and moistening of skin. Use for this purpose cosmetic milk or tonic. Owners of oily skin should use the matting gel for washing. After clarification apply the moisturizing cream with the easy massing movements. Wait until cream is absorbed. Now it is possible to start putting decorative cosmetics.
  2. The main focus in natural make-up of the person – faultlessly smooth skin. To hide small shortcomings, to make skin more exactly and is fresher, use the proofreader, liquid foundation and powder.
  3. To hide circles under eyes, to shade reddenings and other defects the proofreader will help. Select means one tone lighter than skin and liquid foundation.
  4. Now turn of the tinting basis. To achieve optimum consistence of too dense basis, mix it with the moisturizing cream, Avoid tone means of dense texture, they will give feeling of heavy and not naturalness. For the combined or oily skin the balancing basis in combination with matting for the sites inclined to fat content, for example, T-zones will be fine option. Dry skin demands use of the quality moisturizing cream and basis with marking of satin or silk. To put basis with thin layer, use damp sponge.
  5. For fixing of basis apply friable powder by means of big brush. It has to be natural shade, without bronze effect and gloss.
  6. Now has come it is time to emphasize beauty of eyes. The natural make-up of eyes demands light, pastel shades of shadows. For example: peach, gentle-pink, beige, sand colors. Apply shadows of the neutral shade suitable you on upper eyelid. You can add basic tone, having applied on external corner of age of shadow is more dark. For giving to look of expressiveness use eye shadow light brown soft pencil or shadows which need to be shaded carefully. Having tightened up eyelashes, emphasize them with brown or gray-black ink.
  7. The final stage is putting blush and lipstick. Select blush of natural shades – peach, pink or beige. By means of brush apply them on cheekbones. Previously having moistened lips, tint them gloss or lipstick of one shade with blush.
  8. The natural make-up is universal, it can be changed easily, having added color and gloss. Try, experiment and you will surely find the unique image!

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team