How to do natural nail baths

How to do natural nail baths

Women perfectly know what negative impact house and other work has on nails. Therefore regular leaving is necessary for them. Various baths which can be made in house conditions will help to keep beauty and health of marigold.

  • - sea salt; - iodine; - water; - red pepper; - fat cream; - vegetable oil; - lemon juice; - oak bark; - pharmaceutical camomile; - tea tea leaves; - cabbage juice; - mineral water; - beer.

1. Such procedure will be suitable for the weakened and thin marigold. Take two teaspoons of sea salt without additives, dissolve in small amount of water. Lower hands in solution for 20 minutes. Upon termination of manipulations wipe them and apply with massage movements fat cream. Make iodic bath. In glass of water drip 5 drops of iodine and put salt teaspoon. Mix before full dissolution of salt. Dip hands into structure for 15 minutes. Grease with cream.

2. To accelerate growth, make mask of red pepper. Mix half of teaspoon of ground pepper to homogeneous mass with several drops of water and teaspoon of fat cream. Deliver to Massú on water bath for 10 minutes. Cool and apply on nails. To hold about a quarter of hour. Wash away water. The procedure can be repeated once a month.

3. Such means will help to cope with the exfoliating nails. Take on tablespoon of lemon juice and vegetable oil, drip in mix 3 drops of iodine. Put on water bath and heat to formation of homogeneous mass. Cool, place in means nails for several minutes. Do the procedure two times a week.

4. By means of national recipes it is possible to save nails and from fragility. Women most often complain of this illness. Mix pinch of the crushed bark of oak with the same quantity of flowers of camomile pharmaceutical, fill in with boiled water, insist within 15-20 minutes. Lower in infusion nails - time of the procedure of 7 minutes. Also such bath will help: mix 2 tablespoons of strong tea tea leaves and a half glass of juice of cabbage and 100 grams of mineral water. Accept bath of 20 minutes. Fill in tablespoon of flowers of camomile with glass of hot beer and put on water bath for 10 minutes. Filter and cool. Lower nails in means on quarter of hour. You carry out treatment at least 2 times a week.

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