How to do negligent hair

How to do negligent hair

Negligent hairstyles became very fashionable in this season. But it is worth making a reservation that if negligence has appeared as a result of bad leaving and slovenliness – you will not be able to look stylish, womanly and it is accurate. As it is paradoxical, seeming disheveled hair – result of efforts on laying and leaving.


  1. There is opinion that negligent hairstyles can be created only on certain hairstyles, most often short. It is wrong as at competent approach and good imagination the negligence can be given to any hairstyle with any length. Many also incorrectly believe that negligent hairstyles will approach not any clothes – for example, they will not be combined with business suit or evening dress. But be sure, the that beautifully laid, such hairstyle is perfectly combined with all clothes styles. So, how to do negligent hair? The basic principle is that you have to look so, as if did laying hastily. Therefore the best time for creation of negligent hairstyle is morning, right after that as you have woken up. If your hair are not too strongly tousled, it is possible directly without brushing the hair to record them varnish, and the hairstyle is ready. Otherwise, give hands to locks the desirable form and after that record hairstyle too. But it is the easiest, so to speak, household way of laying.
  2. If you want your negligent hairstyle to look with higher quality, take the following advice. To make negligent bunch, at first style hair by means of round brush, having raised them up. That your curls kept volume longer, raise them at roots even more by means of cold currents of air (many hair dryers have such function now), holding them with fingers. Then comb, taking locks about five centimeters wide and collect on nape in bunch.
  3. For curly hair the experts advise a few other way of laying in negligent hairstyle. For a start it is necessary to apply on clean hair mousse or means for giving of volume. Then each separate lock to shake up and lay by means of the hair dryer, and then to twirl in plait and to fix by means of clip. After hair cool down after the hair dryer, dismiss them hands, without being combed. Lay those locks which have laid down unsuccessfully by means of nippers. Then fix them by means of wax, but you watch that there is not too much it, otherwise it will make heavier curls. Now twist hands several locks at the person and fix them by hairpins – the hairstyle is ready. Negligent hairstyles combine at the same time beauty, femininity, frivolity and ease. They well will be suitable for strong and active women as will be able to emphasize and express their character and inner world.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team