How to do openwork plaits

How to do openwork plaits

Braids are incredibly popular the last several seasons, but city fashionistas have already not enough usual weaving in three locks. Girls more often address experts to create unusual hairstyles, and it is possible to spin openwork braids and independently.

It is required to you

  • - hairbrush;
  • - scrunchies;
  • - silicone scrunchies.


  1. The French braid - on the contrary with the extended locks. Master weaving of this volume braid. It it is possible to arrange from top to down, from temple to temple or obliquely. When you with ease learn to intercept the hair involved in weaving try to pull part of lock so that they have formed air bends over the most slanting. With it you will be helped by hairbrush with sharp tip which is used for forming of equal hair partings. What more thinly than lock you will capture by it, especially the openwork braid will turn out graceful. Actually this quite difficult occupation therefore it is possible to ask somebody to extend hair from weaving. Sprinkle hairstyle varnish.
  2. Braid twist. It is the best of all to do this hair on long straight hair, it perfectly looks even if they are not too dense or thin. It is possible to use also only separate locks. Collect hair in tail, comb on all length. Having receded from elastic band of 5-7 cm, tighten one more. You watch that separate locks were not beaten out in the parties. It is good if you have near at hand silicone transparent elastics, but also black will approach. Divide the hair intercepted from above and from below in half, accurately extend tail through opening, at you the beautiful bend will turn out. Then use new elastic band slightly below, again turn out the ends. Continue so until the braid turns out length necessary to you. If you want to give it deliberately untidy look, slightly pull each segment in the parties.
  3. Braid from small knots. For this hairstyle long hair are also required. It is better to begin it from tail. Divide hair into two locks of identical volume. That separate hairs were not beaten out from weaving, apply small amount of mousse on hands, distribute it and carry out by palm on each of two curls, create plait. Tie two ends simple node, intercept them in hands, tighten, tie the second. You watch that the direction of locks always remained, that is right when setting was always located over left. Connect all hair together, tie tips elastic band.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team