How to do paraffin appliques

How to do paraffin appliques

The property of paraffin is good to keep temperature often use in treatment of adults and children and also in cosmetology. Paraffin appliques can become practically on any part of the body which needs to be warmed up qualitatively. Paraffinotherapy promotes recovery of mobility of joints, removal of pain, restoration of fabrics, elimination of inflammatory processes.

  • - 2 pans (it is less and more);
  • - paraffin;
  • - small paint brush;
  • - food wrap;
  • - warm plaid, scarf or blanket.

1. Prepare the cosmetic paraffin which is not containing any additives. Cut it pieces and put in small pan.

2. Pour into big pan water approximately on third, put in it the container with paraffin so that its walls were almost to the brim submersed in water.

3. Now set up this pyramid from pans on fire. Heat design until all paraffin does not melt.

4. When paraffin becomes liquid, switch off fire and set aside small capacity aside. Wait when liquid paraffin cools down to state when it does not burn skin. To be convinced that temperature is tolerant dip paint brush into liquid and carry out by her on the hand back.

5. If paraffin has cooled down enough, begin to apply with brush it on the provided area and it is a little around it. Smear accurately, layer by layer, allowing to stiffen slightly to previous. Thickness of paraffin crust has to be not less than 2 centimeters.

6. Cover paraffin with food wrap, wrap up the processed area with warm plaid, blanket or just scarf and enjoy. You will feel when the crust begins to cool down. Usually the procedure of paraffinotherapy lasts about half an hour.

7. After paraffin has cooled down, peel off and have a rest one or one and a half hours. It is easy to remove residues of substance with bandage piece with vaseline. Paraffin can be reused.

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