How to do paraffin bathtubs

How to do paraffin bathtubs

Paraffinotherapy – the professional SPA procedure which can be carried out in house conditions. The melted viscous paraffin not only softens and takes off fatigue, but also helps to reduce pains at arthritis.

It is required to you

  • - medical paraffin;
  • - the warming device;
  • - polyethylene sacks;
  • - terry socks;
  • - towel;
  • - hand cream.


1. Paraffin bathtubs are ideal for improvement of condition of skin of hands and legs. To accept medical bath, buy in drugstore medical paraffin and special capacity for its warming up. The purchased device, by the way, can be replaced with any enameled ware with high edges; the main thing that in it feet or hands could be located completely.

2. Kindle 2-3 kg of paraffin on water bath, avoiding hit of water in it. During this time prepare skin for the procedure, for example, make peeling srub and apply the moisturizing cream.

3. As soon as paraffin is kindled, check whether not too it is hot. Temperature of bath has to be warm and not burn skin if to drip on wrist. Lower hands or feet in the kindled paraffin for 10 seconds, then pull out and take as much time on air.

4. Repeat the procedure about 7-8 times until on skin the thick layer of paraffin "socks" or "gloves" is not formed. Then put on hands or legs polyethylene sacks, and from above – terry mittens or socks. Wait for 30 minutes.

5. Half an hour later take off warm clothes and polyethylene, then accurately hook edge of paraffin mask and remove it. Wipe skin of hands or foot with damp towel, apply nutritious cream.

6. Accept such baths not more often than 2 times a month. Thanks to temperature increase of skin by 1-2 degrees paraffin stimulates blood circulation, improves exchange processes, does skin velvety and strengthens nails. After the first procedure skin will become smooth and elastic.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team