How to do paraffin mask

How to do paraffin mask

Paraffin is long since used for rejuvenation and lifting of the withering skin, treatment of inflammations and deep cleaning of problem skin. The amazing effect of paraffin masks is based on its low heat conductivity and high thermal capacity.

It is required to you

  • - 50 g of paraffin;
  • - capacity for melting;
  • - brush for drawing;
  • - napkin.


1. Prepare clean ware for melting of paraffin and the additional capacity of the bigger size for water bath. Check cup for lack of drops. The water which has appeared in the melted paraffin threatens with skin burns. Therefore wipe capacity dry before putting in it paraffin. Prepare clean napkin from fabric to cover zone of drawing mask for the period of influence, having provided thereby the maximum effect of soft warming up. Instead of napkin you can take terry towel.

2. Pass to preparation of skin which also requires special attention. Purify skin in the usual way, carefully deleting residues of moisture if it was washing water. Clarification by the moistening means categorically is not recommended because of danger of burns. Best of all to finish the procedure of preparation for drawing the warming-up mask for oily skin wiping by spirit lotion, and for dry - to use cosmetic oil. Take away hair from the face, having fixed them by special clips or bandage.

3. Heat paraffin on water bath to full fusion. Let's it cool down before emergence of thin plenochka on surface. Be going to act quickly as paraffin very quickly cools down when drawing. If you have assistant, it will be much more convenient to them to put mask quickly and precisely, ask it to help you.

4. You apply warm paraffin with brush or cotton pad, since chin above, distributing it it is strict on massage lines. Leave zones of mouth, nose and eyes free. The paraffin mask can be put in two-three layers. Cover the person with towel for maintenance of thermal influence and lie down so minutes 15-20.

5. Upon termination of unmask, having carefully hooked edge the soft pallet. Slightly massage face for distribution of blood-groove and strengthening of exchange processes. Impose cream on skin or wipe with the lotion corresponding to your type of skin. After the procedure you should not go outside at once, especially in cold season.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team