How to do plait from four locks

How to do plait from four locks

The hair are longer, the more options of hairstyles can be made of them. One of simple, but very beautiful – to braid braid. To recover traditional representation about it, try to make it of four locks.


  1. Divide the clean brushed hair into four equal locks. Bind among themselves two averages from them. For this purpose on the right get the third lock under the second. (Most right) get the first lock for that that now there was the second on the right. We braid the same lock (that that was the first, and became the second) over the third. The fourth lock which still did not participate in weaving is put over the third. As in the course of lock are often interchanged the position with each other, braid them, keeping constant numerovka from left to right. It will help not to get confused, the same lock cannot be only the first, etc.
  2. After all four locks have participated in weaving, continue process by analogy. That is, two average locks are braided with each other so that the third has appeared under the second on the right. Further – the first lock goes under the second and it appears in the middle. Then two average locks are weaved also, as well as for the first time: the second is put over the third on the right and itself becomes the third. And the fourth lock is braided over the third and it appears in the middle. After that, if all of you have made correctly, it is already possible to consider fragment of future braid.
  3. The third step repeats previous. At first two average locks (3 under 2), then the first with the second (1 under 2), then the second with the third (2 over 3), then the fourth with the third are weaved (4 on 3). Steps repeat until all four locks do not become short. Not to get off, remember that the first lock on the right always goes down, and the last – upward. During weaving the extreme locks have to appear in the middle of braid. When process is completed, set the turned-out beauty on the end by hairpin or elastic band.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team