How to do plaits

How to do plaits

woman having long hair can decorate herself big quantity of the various hairstyles suitable for various events. Long since and womanly hairstyles from the braided hair are considered as beautiful – various simple and difficult braids decorate the woman, giving to its shape romanticism and originality. You can experiment over the image and braid the overwound French plaits on hair.


  1. For creation of such hairstyle divide hair equal hair parting, conducting it through the middle of the top and finishing on nape. Thus, your hair will be divided into two identical parts. Smoothly comb hair on the left side back, and then about the person allocate the small lock 2.5 cm wide directed from hair parting to temple.
  2. Overwind lock three times and clamp it the right hand. Then separate the left hand the second lock – it has to be under the first and has to correspond to it by the size and thickness. Overwind the second lock and cross it with already twisted plait which you hold the right hand.
  3. Miss the second lock under the first then shift locks in the right hand, cross them again, divide and overwind. Hold locks of hair with fingers of the right hand. Now separate new lock the left hand and also overwind it then cross with the lower lock which is under upper lock, and replace hands.
  4. Unite locks together and place them in the right hand. Continue to allocate new locks towards neck, to overwind them and to cross to already available locks, forming braid plait. Dopletite such braid on all length of hair then overwind locks and cross them in one direction. Tie braid tip elastic band.
  5. Comb the right side of hair back and repeat the actions described above – weave the same braid plait on the right. Sprain tips of both plaits inside and fix on the head by hairpins, and then tie with tape. Decorate hairstyle with bow or flower.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team