How to do the Chinese hair

How to do the Chinese hair

The Chinese hairstyles become fashionable again. Extravagant hairstyles can not become favourite among the Russian women, and here hairstyles which cornerstone the nodes adored for elegance and simplicity are all, for certain will please many ladies. The Chinese fashionistas instead of hair claws and hairpins often use the hairpin which has received the name Chinese sticks. They can be double and unary. And the Chinese hairstyles with sticks can emphasize and diversify your style.

It is required to you

  • To do the Chinese hair to you the thin elastic band, hairbrush, hairpin the Chinese sticks, gel if necessary is required.


  1. Option first. Comb carefully hair that they became smooth. It is possible to moisten them with water from spray silt to use small amount of styling gel. Collect nape hair in tail and by means of thin elastic band fix.
  2. Then pass stick throughout hair behind elastic band so that the free ends of stick were identical length.
  3. Divide the turned-out tail into two parts. At first get the right part for the right end of stick, and left – for left. That the hairstyle was stronger, cross curls among themselves as if you are going to tie them into knot then having properly pulled together, lift the ends and fix them by hairpins, having hidden tips of hair in hairstyle.
  4. Option second will suit owners of long hair more. Twist one big plait from hair. Lay it in ring so that rounds densely adjoined to each other.
  5. Rings have to keep within one below another. It is the best of all to fill tips of hair accurately that they did not stick out. The upper layer of the roller needs to be pulled down that the crown from hair became more flat. For fastening of hairstyle pass throughout it zigzag movements cross-wise two Chinese sticks.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team