How to do the French plait on the contrary

How to do the French plait on the contrary

The French braid is often called on the contrary "dragon" as weaving kind of lies on the head, forming crest like vertebral shoots of mythical being. This equipment allows to create visibility of density of hair and is suitable both for everyday life, and as element of difficult hairstyle.

It is required to you

  • - hairbrush;
  • - liquid silk;
  • - scrunchy.


  1. Comb hair. They have to be divided easily into locks on all length and not be confused therefore if necessary use liquid silk or the conditioner. If you want to locate the French spit not from top to down, and from temple to temple, comb hair in the direction of future weaving.
  2. Equal hair parting separate part of hair on the top. The less there will be this area, the elastic interlacings will begin above. Divide hair of the allocated zone into three parts, as for weaving of the ordinary French spit.
  3. Add side curls to weaving. On the right forefinger separate strip of hair parallel to those that are already involved in hairstyle. Attach to working lock from this party and together get everything from below between two others. Do the same at the left. On the top the beginning of cone will turn out. Remember that what you will add thinner locks in process of weaving, especially the French braid on the contrary will turn out dense and elastic, and at wide – more friable and air. Braid so dragon until all hair are not involved in weaving.
  4. Finish weaving by the simple spit. Record the end scrunchy, if necessary sprinkle hairstyle varnish.
  5. Master simple secret which allows to create illusion of density and weight of hair. At each transfer of working lock in the center, accurately extend the previous interlacing to add to it volume. It is important that all "components" of cone were approximately identical.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team