How to do the Japanese manicure

How to do the Japanese manicure

The main secret of the Japanese manicure is use of exclusively natural medicines and materials and as result, nails gain rare gloss of pink pearls. In traditional execution the Japanese manicure is carried out in several stages: diagnostics of condition of nail, care for cuticle, manicure and dry massage.

1. Process cuticle softening and remedies: oil srub with jojoba and lotus, mineral serum and gel srub with seaweed. Carefully remove cuticles by means of wooden stick from tatibun — special grade of orange tree.

2. Humidify with the serum containing extract of red tea, cucumber and vanilla cuticle, it you will have antiseptic effect. After that strengthen nails the special paste containing useful microelements and minerals: pearl crumb, compounds of quartz and ceramides of calcium. The surface of nail is leveled and restored, and all roughnesses, fillets and cracks are ground by special file from the most delicate veal skin.

3. Set the received result by special Hon powder which thanks to the structure remains on nails in the form of protective film. Due to the natural structure (beeswax and paraffin) she acts as the mask for nails, at the same time seals nail plates from negative impact of the environment and feeds them with useful substances within two weeks.

4. Finish the procedure with the fixing and weakening massage by the special hot silk small pillows of Atsui filled with fragrant herbs and mineral salts which improve blood circulation take off fatigue, tone up skin of hands, nails and fingers.

5. Apply the smoothing and softening cream with oil of bamboo and ylang-ylang.

6. All procedure in salon takes about 60 minutes. In house conditions it is possible to execute it in 1.5 hours. For complete recovery of nails it is enough of everything several with break between them in two weeks. Within two weeks, useful elements which have been received during the procedure are completely acquired. For prevention and health of nails the Japanese manicure is recommended to do once a month.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team