How to do the Thai massage

How to do the Thai massage

The Thai massage is one of the most ancient and effective methods of the Thai medicine. It considerably differs from that traditional massage to which Europeans have got used. Methods of the Thai massage make complex system which enter extension, pressing, twisting. The system of the Thai massage developed more than one thousand years therefore there are various opinions on how it is necessary to do the Thai massage. There are at least two different styles including various receptions.

It is more correct to do the Thai massage not on table, and on the mats intended especially for this procedure. The patient lays down on mat, and the master begins to press the necessary areas. At the same time it uses fingers, palms, elbows, wrists and also knees and stupnyam. During the Thai massage the master pays special attention to hands, legs, back and also area of stomach which responds to functioning of internals. The session is not held on certain template, and is under construction on wishes and needs of each client individually.

The massage therapist during the procedure influences points in which invisible power lines are crossed, thereby he removes the cause of possible disease and puts power of the person in order. At traditional massage do not use creams or oils, extracts of herbs which have to strengthen massage influence are sometimes applied. The session takes two-three hours as it is necessary that study of muscles was really deep. The master always begins to do massage from extremities, then passes to the body, and then again comes back. The movement is directed from legs to the head. The procedure begins with soft receptions and gradually passes into more intensive. The massage therapist has to work all body, only in this case from the procedure it will be valid effect.

Advantages of the Thai massage

It is possible to speak about advantages of the Thai massage long. It helps to remove stress and clips of muscles, normalizes nervous system, restores balance of organism. Also this procedure promotes removal of toxins and slags – it occurs thanks to blood circulation improvement. The correct massage is capable to reduce stress, to help with fight against depression and syndrome of chronic fatigue. Thanks to study of backbone the bearing improves, and the jammed nerves cease to hurt.


Of course, there are certain contraindications. Recommend to refrain from the Thai massage during pregnancy and also at fractures and osteoporosis. Contraindications are also the oncology, heart troubles and the increased arterial blood pressure. Naturally, you should not register in massage session in the presence of infectious skin disease.   

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