How to do usual plait

How to do usual plait

The universality of braids is that they go to both girls, and adult women, can be independent hairstyle or part of incredibly beautiful design on the head, do image strict or romantic. Before learning to do openwork plaits, it is worth mastering the simplest equipment – from three locks.

It is required to you

  • - hairbrush;
  • - scrunchy.


  1. Comb hair on all length. In order that weaving has turned out equal and elastic it is important that they were clean, dried up and were not confused on the ends. If necessary use liquid silk. If the hairstyle is carried out on fluffy or curly hair, previously process them the iron. However, the careless braid with the beaten-out locks and uneven weaving can look romantically.
  2. Collect hair in tail, it is so more convenient to begin weaving, side locks will not be beaten out from braid. Once again walk on them hairbrush. Divide hair into three locks, equal on volume. Take extreme curls little finger, anonymous and average fingers of the corresponding hand, leave the central part falling on two forefingers.
  3. Begin weaving with any party convenient to you. For example, the first the right lock enters work. It needs to be placed over central and to make interception little finger, anonymous and index fingers. Big it is possible to put from above on weaving for fixing of the first bend. Then the same operation repeats with the left lock.
  4. Continue weaving of simple braid to the necessary length in the described way, serially placing extreme locks in the center. That the result was elastic and dense, it is necessary to tighten the ends of hair through each two-three interceptions. If there is a wish to create negligent and slightly uncombed braid, it is possible to weaken weaving. Record hair by means of elastic band.
  5. Add to braid volume. If hair thin or rare, it is possible to create illusion of richness of head of hear with the help outage of technology. For this purpose through each two-three interceptions accurately extend each bend fingers. At the same time weaving has to be still dense, and it is necessary to pull out not all curl, and only its part. Try to give volume evenly on all length.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team