How to do waxing

How to do waxing

Waxing for a long time protects skin from formation of undesirable hairs. It is possible to make it as at home, and in beauty shop in which render similar services. It is not obligatory to have any professional skills that everything has turned out.


1. Get for epilation wax set: heater, wax cartridges and special strips. If you have not found such set, then buy wax and lint-free napkins.

2. If you have bought set, then warm wax in the heater and put it on growth of hair. When you have available only wax, it needs to be prepared at first. Warm it on water bath to hot state, but it should not burn skin. Quickly apply wax with shovel or brush on problem zone.

3. As soon as you have distributed wax, quickly apply napkin and a little it ""smooth"" to skin. Wax quickly enough stiffens and if you have not managed to apply napkin in time, then the procedure can be considered ended. Heat wax again, but this time try to do quicker.

4. After wax has hardened, quickly break napkin against growth of hair. The procedure is a little painful, but nevertheless effective so it is worth suffering a little. This procedure promotes not only elimination of undesirable hair, but also clarification of skin from dead cells.

5. If you had single hairs after epilation, remove them with tweezers or electric epilator.

6. When the procedure is finished, process the skin the moisturizing bactericidal cream after shaving, the epilation wax can cause irritation and reddening too.

7. If at you it has not turned out to make epilation wax independently, visit beauty shop.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team