How to do wrapping for weight loss in house conditions

How to do wrapping for weight loss in house conditions

Wrapping is appreciated by many women that it gives the chance to rejuvenate skin, to freshen up, receive huge portion of vitamins and charge of positive emotions. The procedure in itself incredibly pleasant and positively influences both physical condition of organism, and emotional. Let's understand how to do wrapping for weight loss in house conditions.

It is possible to carry out wrapping in salon, and it is possible to take several advice and to organize procedures of the house at any convenient time.

Before starting wrapping, it is necessary to prepare skin – to take hot bath or hot shower, to use srub. After warming up and clarification of skin from devitalized particles it is possible to start directly the pleasant, useful and weakening process of wrapping which will require thin sheet (linen or cotton), cellophane and warm blanket. It is also necessary to prepare mask from vegetables, fruit, herbs or chocolate in advance. The prepared gruel is applied on all body or only on problem zones, after that it is necessary to be wrapped in sheet, cellophane and blanket. At the beginning of process the shiver and cold is felt, but these feelings soon pass. The body is warmed, sweating begins, becomes hot. In general the procedure is recommended to be continued for one hour then it is necessary to take shower and to apply any nutritious cream to skin.

For wrappings it is possible to use the following masks:

1) Fruit and berry. Strawberry with cream, banana with milk, grapes, persimmon with kiwi, apple and pear. Ripe apricots with milk also diversify masks, will accelerate exchange processes, will remove toxins, and regenerations of skin at the cellular level will promote as much as possible.

2) Vegetable. Carrots, cucumbers, cabbage, tomatoes – for wrapping it is possible to use practically everything that is in kitchen. Vegetable masks give calm, nourish skin with the most useful microelements and vitamins.

3) Coffee beans. They are ideal in fight against cellulitis. Grain needs to be crushed, added small amount of water for formation of gruel. Fragrant wrapping is capable to work wonders.

4) Wrapping from cellulitis on hips and buttocks in house conditions can be made by means of mix of herbs. The St. John's wort, sage, mint, marjoram, burdock, melissa, plantain and camomile are filled in with water, at least 30 minutes infuse. The sheet becomes impregnated with this infusion, also gruel from herbs is used. As a result of such wrapping the blood circulation is stimulated, toxins are removed, joint pain disappears, there is clarification of airways.

5) Oils. Oil of hazelnut, wheat sprouts, jojoba, olive oil, almond – in pure form or with addition of essential oils. Practically any natural oil will be suitable for oil wrappings.

6) Sea cabbage. Algal wrappings for weight loss of stomach and sides in house conditions are capable to work wonders. They not only save from cellulitis, "riding breeches" on hips, but also promote weight reduction, help to reduce extensions. The iodine and numerous bioactive compounds which are part of laminaria remove toxins, burn fats, have anti-cellulite effect.

7) Chocolate. One of the most demanded types of wrapping for weight loss in house conditions allows to feel the queen and at the same time accelerates metabolism, does skin of more smooth and returns it youth.

8) Green tea with yogurt. Green tea and yogurt are useful in any kind including in the form of mask for wrapping. The made green tea mixes up with yogurt, is applied to skin and works wonders literally for one procedure.

The advantage of wrappings is invaluable to organism – clarification, food, pulling up, toning. In addition the weakening effect helping to get rid of stresses, insomnia helping to lighten the mood. Wrappings for weight loss in house conditions can be done irrespective of season, the main thing is to be convinced in advance that on one product used for wrapping there are no allergic reactions at all. Also wrappings are not recommended during pregnancy.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team