How to do wrappings for weight loss

How to do wrappings for weight loss

It is possible to lose weight with little effort and by means of wrappings. There is no need to visit gyms, to keep to diets. There are different ways of wrappings, different compoundings.

For what it is necessary to do wrappings

To lose weight, to optional use some enormous physical efforts, it is possible just to do wrappings. This way is known for a long time and has not lost the relevance even for today. Many women prefer wrappings to exercise machines. First, occupations in halls will help to get rid of excess weight, but they will not be able to help to reach the same lifting of skin as wrappings. Secondly, some ingredients have property of improvement of blood circulation that is also important for health of any woman.

How do wrappings help with fight against excess weight? There is following: products from which the mask for body is preparing begin to warm skin, increasing the speed of the movement of blood on organism. Due to increase in blood circulation, excess substances including water are removed from organism. Therefore it is important to keep its balance in organism. For this purpose it is enough to drink up to two liters of water a day. Eventually skin is updated, getting rid of the old become obsolete cages, cellulitis disappears. But it is necessary to do wrappings correctly too. It should be taken into account personal shipping of components of mask.

What wrappings happen

Widespread ingredients are honey, mustard, sea salt, weak coffee. It is possible to add water, oils, mint to these main components. Honey is usually combined with mustard, and by coffee – with salt. Though it is possible to experiment. It is necessary to remember that honey very much allergenen therefore in the beginning it is necessary to define, eat on it allergy or not. Mustard strongly burns, you should not be frightened it – and has to be. Let's consider how to do wrappings it is correct.

Wrappings happen two main types: cold and hot. Both types justify the names: if the first cools skin, stimulates its elasticity, then the second helps to get rid of calories. But hot wrapping to contraindicated pregnant women, those who has problems with vessels. Wrappings can also be done houses and to receive the procedure in salon. Both options have the advantages and shortcomings. Wrapping in house conditions more budgetary, than in salon. But in professional salon there are always skilled staff which are in emergency ready to come to the rescue. Besides, professionals precisely know how to do wrappings therefore you should have no reasons for experiences.

What is necessary to do wrappings

To do wrappings in house conditions, it is necessary to prepare:

  • mask which will be directly applied to skin;
  • food wrap;
  • srub;
  • body cream;

In the beginning it is necessary to prepare skin for the procedure: to apply srub on clean body, with circular motions pounding skin, then to wash away warm water. Now it is necessary to put mask. It is possible to do wrappings on the basis of red pepper. For this purpose it is necessary to take on the 2nd tablespoons of coffee, ground, not in grains, edible salt, red pepper. The honey and mustard mask consists of honey, mustard which are taken approximately in equal proportions (mustard is possible slightly more), several drops of oil of orange or another citrus, sugar. It is possible to prepare also mask on the basis of weak coffee: the coffee thick, small sea salt is necessary and it is a little honey. Clay perfectly will be suitable for cold wrapping, it is necessary only in necessary quantity to dissolve it with warm water.

In cosmetic shops and in supermarkets, the huge choice of mixes for wrappings is offered to buyers, it is possible to buy ready mask. After drawing mask it is necessary to wrap in several layers problem places food wrap, then to muffle in blanket. Procedure duration – of half an hour up to 40 minutes.

How often to do wrappings

It is necessary to do hot wrappings at least 2 times a week, it is possible even every day, but then it is necessary to allow skin to have a rest. For example, to do wrappings 5 days in a row, and 2 days – to have a rest. It is possible to alternate hot and cold wrappings also. So it will even be better for skin. It is the best of all to turn around after physical activities and contrast shower in the first days of female cycle.

It is useful to do wrappings also for rejuvenation of skin, increase in its tone, besides, after such procedures skin is enriched with minerals, useful to organism. It is also possible not only get rid of cellulitis as it has been already told, but also to maintain the achieved results, to prevent formation of cellulitis again. After the procedure of wrapping the organism will be in the weakened state that helps to restore well forces after heavy labor everyday life.

How to do wrappings – the choice for you. But that effect which will be possible to be noticed already through few times will impress you, and wrapping will become the favourite cosmetic procedure bringing benefit to health and beauty.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team