How to draw acrylic on nails

How to draw acrylic on nails

Hands – the business card of any woman therefore they have to be well-groomed. The increasing popularity from women is gained not only by usual manicure, but also design of nails. To make the drawing on nails in beauty shop – quite expensive pleasure. And if to carry out drawings independently, for example, acrylic paints, it is possible to save money and to make unique design.

It is required to you

  • - brushes various in thickness and size;
  • - acrylic paints;
  • - basic covering for nails.


1. Acrylic paints are most often used for creation of drawings as they are much cheaper, than varnishes and polishes, and the received result identical from the point of view of the nonprofessional. Drawing technique acrylic is taught in specialized salons. But to draw independently is absolutely simple to learn. You need to acquire only the special tool kit containing several brushes various by the size and thickness.

2. Stages in acrylic painting the drawing on nail plate of basic covering in the form of transparent or color matt lacquer is preparatory.

3. Further we dip brush into paint so that on it there was so much paint how many it is necessary for drawing the uniform drawing.

4. If you have no experience of drawing, it is better to begin with the simple drawing with minimum of flowers.

5. The drawing should be put gradually, first of all contour which then you fill in color. If you use several flowers, then before causing the next color surely wait for drying previous.

6. At the time of putting paint try that the hand did not shiver. For this purpose you can try different options of putting paint to change, for example, tilt angle of brush and force of pressing brush.

7. If you put the drawing to yourself and you the right-handed person, then be able in look that to you will be inconvenient to be drawn on the right hand. And the reverse situation waits for the lefthander. After drawing on drawing nails acrylic paints wait for their full drying. If desired it is possible to put the fixing basis. Train and be not afraid to experiment, and everything at you will turn out!

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team