How to draw bow on nails

How to draw bow on nails

Those who wants to decorate nails independently should master simple, but effective drawings. One of the most simple options - bow. It can be drawn with varnish or acrylic paints, and then to decorate with spangles, rhinestones or mini-stickers.

Bows: what they happen

Manicure with lovely bows at all not always looks childly. You can try modest decor, having issued only tips of nails. One more option is to draw the big stylized bow on all nail, having decorated thus two or three fingers. Bows can be added with peas, florets, spangles and other options of decor.

That manicure looked beautifully, use varnishes of contrast colors. It is optional to select them in tone to make-up or dress. Today bright manicure which will become the most noticeable detail in your image is fashionable. Very beautifully the stylish black-and-white neyl-art and also combinations dark blue and blue, red and black, bright pink and white looks. Length and shape of nails can also be any. Experiment - the interesting ideas of manicure can be found in video lessons or at specialized forums.

We draw stylish bows

Try simple, but effective option in black-and-white scale. It is original option of the French manicure which will be suitable not only for party, but also for everyday life.

Before starting decor, make manicure. Level length of nails, grind their surface, remove cuticle and hangnails. Cover plates with protective base and dry up it.

Varnish nails of pastel pink or light cream color. Let's enamel dry. Then attach to edge of nails paper tipsa for the French manicure so that they limited the line of free edge. Paint over it dense white varnish and accurately unstick tipsa. Again dry up covering. On dense paper or plastic palette drip black varnish. Dip in it thin brush and draw line on border of the white edge. Sideways draw the small stylized bow. In the middle of each bow attach small white rhinestone. Cover manicure with thick layer of top with effect of drying.

For the drawing use dense enamels which do not appear through at single-layer drawing.

If black-and-white classics seems to you dullish, try brighter option. As base take bright turquoise enamel. Such manicure will be perfectly in harmony with light summer dresses. Make up nails turquoise varnish in two layers. Dry up covering. Dip brush in black dense enamel. Begin the drawing on thumb nail. In the center of plate carry out two hyphens so that the slanting cross has turned out. Duplicate lines that they became brighter. Then connect their edges of nail arches on each side - at you the big bow has turned out. Dip brush in black varnish and begin to put ends on bow contour, placing them next to each other. The same points draw on couple of lines going from the center of bow to its edges. Issue node, having put to the center many end in the form of circle. One more option is to attach small flower sticker or rhinestone in the center. Thus it is worth decorating two fingers on each hand. Do not forget about protective coating with gloss - it will give to manicure completeness.

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