How to draw flowers on nails

How to draw flowers on nails

Neyl-art (art of nail design) it is incredibly popular recently. In any beauty shop on your nails of all in couple of hours can represent magnificent beauty design. Your nails will turn into the work of art and will attract dozens of all eyes. Looking at work of professionals, sometimes so there is a wish to try to make the same beauty independently.


1. Try to draw centaureas on nails. For this purpose cover nails white with nacreous varnish. Take lilac and blue enamels, apply them on diagonal. By means of black color designate accent and to make watercolor extension, use spangles.

2. Draw with white and blue paints centaureas. Carry out petals three big sure dabs. To make the drawing more original, try to use ultramarine or violet paints. To diversify composition, add buds.

3. To draw on kosmea nails, cover nail with blue enamel. On diagonal paint over half of nail black paint. Remove border varnish with small spangles.

4. In the center draw big flower of kosmea, on each side add some more. Do petals narrow, extended. Be not afraid to experiment with various flowers, any color will be appropriate here.

5. Do those petals which are located closer more small and develop inside. Create core by means of brown paint and black dots, and light green paint create volume. Draw with light green paint pedicles and leaves.

6. Paint nail with light pink varnish and wait until it completely dries. From above on diagonal paint nail with more saturated and dark shade of pink.

7. Carry out by white varnish two diagonal strips. Draw with bright green color petals of unusual exotic flower. By means of other, more dark shade green add to flower volume.

8. Carry out by thin black lines small pedicles. Add several fine details red and white in flowers.

9. Try to draw also abstract forms. Cover nail with white basis. By means of black paint draw contours of abstract flowers of free form. Wait until everything dries. Paint flowers in different flowers.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team