How to drive fat from stomach

How to drive fat from stomach

correct way of life helps to remove excess fat deposits. For this purpose try to follow rules of balanced diet, be engaged in physical exercises, you sleep not less than 8 hours a day, look after problem area by means of special creams. Literally in few weeks you will notice that measurements of waist and stomach decrease.

Healthy nutrition

The major role in the course of correction of waist and stomach is played by food. The correct diet will help to get rid of excess fat deposits naturally.

During the day eat not less than 4 times a day. Observe break between meals approximately at 2.5-3 o'clock. If you cannot have a bite in time, surely drink at least cup of green tea, yogurt, etc. The stomach will receive food for digestion, and you will have time before the following reception.

Try to consume more proteinaceous food. For example, fermented milk products, eggs, low-fat meat and fish. Avoid some sweet, salty, greasy, smoked, tinned, fried food. Limit intake of grain, bread, especially in the evening. Eat boiled, stewed vegetables or one dinner better prepared in the double boiler.

If you want to have supper densely, do not eat meat, it long is digested. In this case low-fat fish will help.

Every day try to drink not less than 2.5 liters of any liquid. Coffee and tea does not belong to it. Also consider that to drink water, tea, etc. is not recommended after meal. If you violate this recommendation, it will lead to the fact that gastric juice will be washed away that considerably will complicate digestion process.

Power loadings

It is possible to drive fat deposits from stomach by means of daily physical exercises. Get up directly, cross hands on breast, widely part legs. With exhalation deploy the body to the right, at the same time you hold basin recorded. On breath return to direct situation. With exhalation turn in other party. Repeat exercise 20 times in each party. Lay down back on floor, take away palms on nape, bend legs in knees, feet arrange on floor. With exhalation lift the body over floor, try to hold elbows precisely in the parties. On breath fall to starting position. Repeat exercise of 30 times.

During rise direct chin to the neck basis to unload muscles in this area.

Sit down, bend legs in knees, put feet as it is convenient to you, hands arrange before breast. With exhalation turn the body to the right, the left palm stretch to floor to the right of yourself and touch its surface. On breath return to direct situation. At the following exhalation execute turn the body to the left. Repeat exercise not less than 20 times in each party.

Stomach skin care products

The modern cosmetology offers women the huge range of means for giving to skin of tone, disposal of cellulitis. Pick up the cream or serum containing essential oil of orange, lemon or grapefruit. Similar means perfectly remove toxins and promote weight loss. Means with caffeine, L-carnitine will help to get rid of excess fat deposits also. Daily in the morning and smear area of stomach clockwise in the evening.

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