How to dry pimples

How to dry pimples

Face spots arise because of hit of infection in skin pores. They distort face and often reserve scars. You should not try to squeeze out them, much better simply to dry and they will pass completely. The careful hygiene will help to avoid formation of eels, but if they have already appeared – nothing terrible, it is a little efforts and pure leather will begin to shine healthy gloss again.

It is required to you

  • - means for washing
  • - alcohol
  • - iodine
  • - cotton pads
  • - Q-tips
  • - antibacterial cream


1. Carefully wash with use of means with the content of active components. Take antibacterial gel better for washing which can be bought in any drugstore. It is not recommended to wash usual soap, from it and the natural balance of skin, and respectively is broken and heat-spots in the most improper place develop.

2. Take cotton pad and medical alcohol which dilute to 70 degrees. You can use it and not diluted, but it is so possible not only to dry pimples, and even to burn skin. If you are not going to go anywhere, take usual iodine and Q-tip.

3. Take the cotton pad moistened in alcohol in zone of formation of pimples of 2-5 minutes, the feeling of heat has to appear at this time. If you have decided on iodine use, moisten Q-tip and take it on heat-spot several minutes. Iodine not only well dries, but also gets deeply into fabrics and rassasyvat pus which is formed under thin layer of skin in the field of pimple.

4. After holding such procedure you do not put cream on face several hours. If you cannot transfer feelings of tightness of skin, use antibacterial cream with the content of salicylic acid or usual aftershave lotion.

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