How to dye dark hair

How to dye dark hair

The modern woman quite is able to afford to be the brunette, the blonde or the brown-haired woman depending on season, mood or desire. Someone goes for this purpose to stylists, someone prefers to experiment independently, but anyway when coloring it is necessary to follow several rules. Especially it concerns women with dark hair.


  1. Fair hair can be painted almost without serious consequences in any tone, girls with dark to hair in the choice are a little limited. To the burning brunette it will be difficult to receive on the head natural blond. Not easy, but also it is not impossible.
  2. Producers of paints recommend to women with dark hair usually coloring in even more dark color for obtaining noticeable result. If to take paint on one or two tones is lighter than initial color, then on hair only the subtle shade noticeable sometimes only to the woman can appear.
  3. Cardinally to change color of dark hair, they need to be clarified previously hydrogen peroxide. Only it is not necessary for amateur performance, surely go to hairdressing salon. Full decolorization should prefer highlighting. In this case the border between already clarified hair and the growing dark roots will look more natural.
  4. If you want to clarify considerably hair, repeat the procedure of highlighting 2-3 times, allowing to have a rest hair at least for 2 weeks between separate procedures. Can happen that you will be quite happy with the color received as a result of highlighting and you will need only to refresh its time in 3-4 months. Surely tell the hairdresser at the next visit, you would like to become even lighter or you just wish to clarify radical zone.
  5. But it is possible to go further. Choose any color which is pleasant to you, ask you to paint it. The decoloured hair will get the chosen shade, and hair, untouched highlighting, will give to color scale small accent and, strangely enough, will allow new color to look more naturally.
  6. The natural hair color actually never is uniform. Separate head hair can differ from each other on 2, and even on 3-4 tones. By means of highlighting and the subsequent color of such effect you will also achieve. But once again, trust in the professional, independently you will never be able to dye dark hair as it would be made by him.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team