How to dye hair professional paint

How to dye hair professional paint

Coloring of hair – the procedure enjoying wide popularity among women by means of which it is possible to change easily the appearance to lighten the mood and self-assessment. For coloring it is recommended to use the professional paints which are on sale in specialized shops or hairdressing salons. In similar means the share of ammonia is reduced and the quantity of the looking after and pigmenting components is increased.


  1. In the easiest and reliable way to change hair color the visit to beauty shop to the colourist is considered. Especially it concerns difficult coloring. Thanks to the skilled master, your hair will gain equal and desirable color.
  2. It is possible to dye hair isamostoyatelno in house conditions. For this purpose buy separately cream-paint and oxidizer. Choose quantity of last resort depending on contrast of the chosen shade of paint and own hair. For coloring is 1-2 tones more dark than rather 3% peroxide. At clarification up to 2 tones – 6-9%, up to 3 tones – 9-12%. If hair with the prevailing gray hair are exposed to coloring, 6-9% oxidizer is required. When coloring to match give preference to means without ammonia with content of peroxide in them no more than 1.9%.
  3. Do not change hair color for too dark it is, more, than on two shades. Especially, when you are going to remain such long time. The growing roots will be much lighter that will create visibility of gray hair even at young girls and women. In this situation you periodically should tint roots or to return to natural color.
  4. Just before the procedure it is necessary to check skin for allergic reaction. For this purpose apply small amount of means with thin layer on internal part of elbow and leave for 45-50 minutes. Upon termination of the procedure wash away paint warm water. If at this time or for the next day no signs of skin reaction have appeared, then similar means can be used.
  5. The situation when, even after careful selection of paint, the color which has turned out as a result does not meet expectations is rather widespread. To secure itself against similar disorders, carry out the test. For this purpose dissolve a little paint that was enough for coloring of one lock in porcelain cup. Separate it from all other hair (better to choose the locks for this purpose hidden, located in occipital part), enclose under it foil, paint and turn. Having sustained time specified in the instruction, wash away means and dry up hair. If the result on dry hair suits you, it is possible to paint all head safely.
  6. Before the procedure cover yourself with peignoir. Process ears and face skin along the line of growth of hair fat cream. Mix all components for hair-dyeing in nonmetallic ware and at once get to work. Begin with parietal zone or with places of growth of gray hair. Whisky has to be made up with the last. Apply structure at first on roots of hair by means of brush, and then distribute it on all their length. Saturated, red shades have to be put upside-down.
  7. Having processed all locks, sustain time specified in the instruction that paint could be absorbed carefully. It is impossible to exceed it, it can injure hair and head skin. In the presence of gray hair this period can be increased for 5-10 minutes, in case of clarification – on as much to reduce. Before washing of the head slightly water dyed hair and make foam hands. Further wash away warm water with use of the special shampoo stabilizing and setting color. In end apply dyed hair balm on hair.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team