How to dye hair without yellowness

How to dye hair without yellowness

Blondes were always fashionable. Therefore the most part of women constantly makes attempts to clarify the hair. But the result not always is successful – instead of the expected noble shade the unpleasant yellowness can appear.


  1. In general, it is recommended to paint hair in beauty shop. The skilled master will pick up the necessary paint, will prompt what shade will turn out whether it will suit you. If you are painted houses, then consult to the expert before coloring, especially if hair are injured, there are split ends or chemical wave. Hold off with we paint if on the head there are small wounds or inflammations. Surely address to hairdressing salon if hair have been painted by henna or basmy. In this case the risk of emergence of yellowness, red shade or spots is very high.
  2. If all of you have decided to be painted at home, do not wash hair 2-3 days prior to this procedure. Begin to cause structure from nape. Here process of clarification happens less intensively. Therefore, having underexposed paint, you risk to receive so undesirable yellowness.
  3. You dissolve paint just before application, then quickly you apply on hair. It is important also that paint has been distributed evenly. The yellowness is the remains of pigment which not up to the end was oxidized. Therefore careful prokrashivaniye of all locks – guarantee of beautiful hair color.
  4. As it is not banal sounds, but attentively read the instruction before starting coloring. You hold paint on hair so much time how many in it it is specified.
  5. Remember that the clarifying list not of all results in desirable result. Some hair get the necessary shade if to paint them structure which at the same time clarifies and are given by shade blond.
  6. If after coloring the light yellowness after all is present at your hair, wash the head with coloring shampoo. Well pearl, platinum, silvery shades will be suitable for this purpose. It is necessary to hold them on hair no more than 2-3 minutes. Otherwise you risk to receive violet or gray color. Coloring shampoos can be used every week as through 2-3 washings the yellowness can appear again.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team