How to dye long hair

How to dye long hair

Psychologists consider that change of hair color — the simplest way to change life. Many women prefer to save on coloring of hair, doing his houses. Long hair in this case can become problem.

Preparatory procedures

First of all, it is necessary to choose paint correctly. Buy structures from the famous producers if are not sure of the necessary shade, surely study the instruction in which it is usually specified how color on hair will behave. Always buy necessary amount of paint if the producer advises to buy two packs for your length, buy two. Otherwise you can unevenly paint hair or just not receive the necessary shade.

Always follow the instruction, use gloves, observe the specified time for keeping of paint on hair. Before starting coloring, apply fat cream or vaseline to skin of temples, neck and forehead. Impose it, having receded from the line of growth of hair by millimeter, try not to mention hair. This procedure will allow to remove easily the paint which has got on skin as fat will not allow it to be absorbed and be fixed.

Technology of coloring

Divide hair into four parts by means of hair partings. The first hair parting has to pass from forehead to nape, the second — from one ear to another through the top. Locks have to be approximately identical. Fix them by special clips or hairpins. Then begin to apply paint, at first it is necessary to apply it along hair partings, then it is necessary to process occipital part. You cause structure with short easy movements. Process all locks, gradually exempting them from hairpins. After you have processed all radical zone, begin to paint over hair towards tips if it is inconvenient to you to do it by brush, you can try to distribute paint hands (they have to be in gloves). Do not feel sorry for paint. Try to paint over all locks as it is possible more carefully. It is desirable to keep within 10-15 minutes to receive beautiful and equal shade. The suitable brush for coloring significantly simplifies process. It can be bought in specialized shops, or to find in packings of expensive paints. By means of such brush, paint is distributed on hair more exactly, color looks natural. For prokrashivaniye of long hair it is better to use wide brush. Having sustained necessary time, wash away paint from hair. It is necessary to do it very carefully, try to wash out lock behind lock on all length. Surely use special balm after coloring, it will set color, will make it more live. It is desirable not to wash hair within several days after change of color that paint properly was fixed. That color has remained as long as possible, use the special looking after shampoos and conditioners.

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