How to dye red hair

How to dye red hair

Owners of red hair – special people. At them very gentle, often light skin and the same light indumentum. It is dangerous to dye red hair in essentially another as the new shade can visually spoil complexion and all appearance, and it will be very difficult return everything on the places.


  1. Mostly the person suits those colors and pigments with which he was allocated the nature and parents. The natural hair color only in rare instances spoils the person. Therefore it is necessary to begin with the shade close to your natural.
  2. Various shades blond at light skin will make you colourless. Choose the average and dark colors contrasting with color of your person: chestnut, average and chestnut-colored, chocolate.
  3. Approach desirable shade gradually, changing color for tone half-tone for time. Consider that in paint there should not be red shades – they already are in your natural hair.
  4. Consult on the stylist. Seeing state and structure of your hair, he can pick up to you color which for certain will approach. Besides, the expert can define, is how frequent also what hair-dyes you should use.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team