How to eliminate bags under eyes

How to eliminate bags under eyes

Bags under eyes paint nobody and they can absolutely appear at any age because of different diseases of internals. However quite often it happens also without availability of any disease, for example, at excessive hobby for salty and spicy food. It is rather difficult to disguise them foundation. But you do not hurry to agree to blefaroplastika which has certain contraindications and side effects. There is set of the effective folk remedies helping to fight pocket-eyed.

It is required to you

  • - potatoes;
  • - black tea;
  • - ice cubes from calendula and sage;
  • - camomile, linden flowers, birch leaves, mint, eyebright medicinal;
  • - sour cream, parsley.


1. Cook potatoes directly in peel, cut it on two parts, cool a little and apply to eyes for 30 minutes. Well also crude potatoes help. Rub it on grater, wrap potato gruel in gauze and put on hypostases. This compress should be held within 20 minutes. Then it is necessary to apply cream for century. 15 minutes later residues of cream are removed warm tea bags. Potatoes well improve liquid outflow why the swelling under eyes considerably decreases.

2. Prepare camomile infusion. For this purpose in glass of water make tablespoon of flowers of camomile and insist about 20 minutes. Moisten cotton pads in this infusion and apply for 10 minutes to eyes. The camomile compress well takes off fatigue of eyes, removes dark circles and saves from bags. Infusion from flowers of linden, birch leaflets, eyebright of medicinal and dry or fresh mint prepares the same way and applied.

3. Apply on eyelids mask from the cut parsley and sour cream. You hold it about 15 minutes, and from above cover eyes with damp cotton pad. Sour cream should be taken quite fat, then the mask not only will help to remove bags, but also at the same time will feed gentle skin of eyes. If to wash away mask hot water, then cream on eyelids after it is not obligatory to be applied at all.

4. Wipe skin around eyes with ice cubes. It is necessary to remember that skin of eyes rather gentle therefore actively it is not necessary to massage it ice. Ice cubes should be done of infusion of calendula or sage.

5. Apply in the morning to eyes cold bags of tea which need to be made and put in the fridge on all night long. Tea is the good assistant at pocket-eyed fight.

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