How to eliminate extensions

How to eliminate extensions

Extensions appear after the delivery, fast dumping or set of weight. Most often they are localized on skin of buttocks, stomach and breast. Extensions are not hazardous to health, however they are unpleasant cosmetic defect of which it is possible to get rid both in house conditions, and in cosmetology clinics.

It is required to you

  • - ground coffee;
  • - essential oils;
  • - mummy;
  • - children's cream;
  • - honey;
  • - food wrap;
  • - turpentine.


1. Do coffee body scrub. Mix 5-6 teaspoons of coffee of fine crushing with heavy cream to density of sour cream. Add 2-3 drops of essential oil of grapefruit. Apply mix to skin. Pound the parts of the body covered with extensions easy massage movements within 3-5 minutes. Leave srub for 10 minutes, and then wash away cool water without soap. You carry out procedures weekly.

2. Use mummies. Dissolve 1 gram of substance in teaspoon of warm water, and then mix with tube of usual children's cream. Rub the prepared structure in the skin covered with extensions 1-2 times a day. At regular use you will see how strips will brighten and will gradually disappear. For convenience of dosing use mummies in tablets on 0.2 grams. For receiving 1 gram you need 5 tablets.

3. You carry out honey wrappings. Mix 3-5 tablespoons of liquid honey from 0.5 tsps of mustard, 1 tsp of cinnamon and 3 drops of essential oil of rosemary. Apply mixes to skin, turn back food wrap. From above tie down scarf for warming or lay down under blanket. In 40 minutes rinse skin water. Repeat every other day.

4. Do massage by aromatic oils. Mix tablespoon of oil of seeds of dogrose with 1 drop of essential oil of tangerine and 2 drops of oil of not role. Rub in extensions within 10-15 minutes. After the procedure erase surplus of oil tissue. Alternate massage to honey wrappings.

5. Take turpentine baths. Add 20 ml of turpentine (4 tsps) to warm water. Within 15 minutes gradually add hot water for maintenance of constant temperature of 37-38 degrees. After bathtub be rubbed off by towel lie down within 30-40 minutes. Repeat every other day.

6. Address to cosmetology clinic for removal of extensions in the surgical way, peelings, or injections of active agents.

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