How to eliminate skin peeling

How to eliminate skin peeling

Peeling of skin arises for various reasons: sharp temperature difference, cold, insufficient moistening, improper detergent, food allergy, etc. At the first signs of emergence of this problem take urgent measures.

It is required to you

  • - honey;
  • - apricot oil;
  • - almond oil;
  • - carrots;
  • - oatmeal;
  • - milk;
  • - oat flakes;
  • - butter;
  • - eggs;
  • - sour cream.


1. Use folk remedies. Prepare honey and oil mix. For this purpose mix in bowl 1 tsps of liquid honey and on 1 tablespoon of apricot and almond oil. Put ready mask on face, especially carefully greasing the shelled places. In 10 minutes wash away warm water. This mask suits only those who have no allergy to honey. If you are subject to it, use instead mask from grated crude carrots. Mix it with two spoons of oatmeal and spoon of warm milk.

2. Prepare mask from porridge. Fill in flakes with hot milk (so that it covered them), cover, let's infuse 5 minutes. Mix tablespoon of the turned-out porridge with teaspoon of honey and teaspoon of butter. Put mix on face, slightly rubbing it in skin. In 10-15 minutes unmask the cotton pad moistened in milk and rinse face with water.

3. Damp and warm freshly brewed tea bags too well save from peeling. Impose them on problem places before full drying.

4. If skin is shelled constantly, try to correct situation by means of store or house srubs. Take shell from 2 eggs and process to condition of flour. Mix the received weight with tablespoon of sour cream and egg yolk. Softly massage skin ready srub. Then wash warm water.

5. Correct your food. Very often food allergy is the reason of peeling. Remove from the habitual diet all red and orange products (oranges, caviar, tomatoes, carrots, etc.). Chocolate is considered dangerous allergen too. Therefore it is worth refusing for a while its use and to observe whether the condition of skin has improved after that.

6. Except day face treatments and body use children's cream for the night and before exit to the street.

7. Fill lack of minerals and vitamins B your organism. Very often peeling begins at the end of winter when many face avitaminosis. The balanced food and intensive leaving will help to solve this problem. It is possible to spend on drink polyvitaminic medicine. The doctor will help to choose medical complex.

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